One Congregation, One Book

 Announcing our next congregation-wide book selection:

Image result for The Secret Book of Kings by Yochi Brandes

The Secret Book of Kings
by Yochi Brandes 

This novel takes textual sources about the experiences of David and Solomon and spins a story about the foundation of the Kingdom of Israel. Ms. Brandes, one of Israel's best-selling authors, combined her skills as a novelist with her training in academic Jewish scholarship to create a novel that raises the question of what untold stories there may be when the available historical sources were written by the victors.

Plan to join us on Sunday morning, April 29, 2018 at 10:35 AM at the Takiff Center (999 Green Bay Road, Glencoe) for a discussion of this book. Come and enjoy the discussion even if you haven’t finished (or even read) the book!

Please contact Jonah Orlofsky with questions.